Modular control system for electrical energy storage

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BDMS - Brick Dynamic Management System

Modular construction

The system consists of master, slave and gateway modules. Master is a module managing the entire energy storage, it communicates with other modules using an optically separated communication bus. The master module has a system for measuring the value of current flowing through the main battery rail, battery voltage measurement system, Modbus RTU communication interface for configuration and diagnostics, and configurable open collector outputs enabling control of external cooperating devices with energy storage. Slave is a single link management module, it is controlled by the master module, while at the same time performing the function of protecting the link against failures. The slave module has a cell voltage and temperature measurement system and an active balancing system based on a DC/DC converter. The gateway module acts as an intermediary between the energy storage and the outside world, passing a series of diagnostic and functional data to the superior system (fleet management/ control/monitoring/SCADA systems). Depending on the user’s needs, the gateway module provides communication interfaces e.g. Modbus RTU (RS232/485), CAN, etc.

Security of operation

Master module and each of the slave incoming modules inc luded in the system has a number of safeguards to ensure efficient and effective operation energy storage. The system constantly monitors the main bus voltage and current as well as the voltage and the temperature of each cell. If any of the values is exceeded, the actions are taken to avoid device failure. Information on exceeding parameters is also made available to the superior system in the form of an alarm. Loss of communi cation between the slave modules and the master module does not stop the cell safety functions. According to the strategy chosen by the user, the slave module can continue active balancing to the last set voltage value, go into passive balancing mode or stop the balancing.

Active balancing

increases the efficiency of the battery use, because the energy that the passive balancing system would give away in the form of heat is returned by individual slave modules to the main battery bus, using a DC/DC converter. As a result, the charging and balancing time of the energy storage is significantly reduced.

Easy diagnostic

The diagnostic software enables reading from the module master of the full set of operating parameters and information on irregularities in the operation of the energy storage. In addition, all diagnostics information (alarms, events, operating parameters) is made available to the superior system via a gateway module. Thanks to this it is possible to quickly locate the place and the reasons for incorrect operation of the device.

Scalability and universality

Thanks to BDMS the user can build an energy storage corresponding to his needs. Appropriate versions of interchangeable measurement systems (different current and voltage ranges) and gateway communication modules (different communication inter faces) can be selected for individual applications. The internal communication interface used by the system offers an algorithm for negotiating protocol version and communica tion speed that allows for backward compatibility between the modules included in the energy storage.

EU grants


Intellectronic Solutions Sp. z o.o. has obtained funding under sub-measure 1.1.2 "Development of startups in Eastern Poland" of the Operational Programme Eastern Poland 2014-2020 for the project entitled: "Implementation of an innovative modular energy storage management system into production ".

. Project objective:
Marketing of innovative, modular energy storage management system designed for electric and hybrid vehicles vehicles with electric and hybrid propulsion.

. Planned effects of the project:
- increase in capacity and lifetime of the battery compared to traditional systems
- 100% utilisation of the energy storage capacity potential through the use of an innovative active balancing method
- possibility of increasing battery capacity (scaling) already after purchase by the end user end user
- monitoring of operating parameters and battery operating error logging
- significant reduction in the time needed to build an energy storage facility and reduction in the need skilled labour

Total project value: 1 242 650.25 PLN
European Funds contribution: 994 733.75 PLN


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